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Starting a new daycare is a BIG deal not only for the children but also for the parents or caregivers. Especially for parents and caregivers of special needs children. Starting a new program is exciting yet worrisome for everyone involved. Caregivers worry about who will be caring for their child and how will they handle it. Here at Pediatric Stars PPECC, we offer an alternative environment to receive skilled nursing services and support. We will provide a loving and caring environment for both caregivers and children. The child will learn how to develop relationships and friendships based on their shared interests. They will have opportunities to learn at their own pace in a supportive environment. Each child and each disability is unique therefore each child will be receiving a specialized care plan. Caregivers will not have to worry about expenses for attendance because all services will be covered through medical insurance. Located in Bath, PA.


The main underlying principle that PEDIATRIC STARS PPECC focuses on is the good of all those who walk through our doors; hence the low-profit margin of our daycare. We aim to be a shining ray of hope for parents who are working hard to sustain the future of their special needs children, and to give those parents the peace of mind and confidence necessary to live a full life. 


During Erica’s time as a nurse and a mother, she has taken care of countless children and managed to help numerous couples in the process – which is the foundation of our mission statement. 

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CPR certified, illness precautions including covid, highly skilled and well-trained staff with ongoing training.

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Low child-to-staff ratio, consistent, stress-free, worry-free, and reliable care, individualized plan of care, multidisciplinary collaboration.

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Fun, safe and nurturing environment, socialization and learning activities, positive staff and child interactions.

 Loving Pediatric Childcare 


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