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Updated PPECC Pictures

Welcome to our drop off and pick up zone: This designated area is designed to ensure a smooth transition for families arriving and departing. Whether you're dropping off your little ones in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon, our organized system and helpful staff makes the process efficient and stress-free. Everyone that enters the facility will have to sign in and nobody will enter the facility until recognized and approved by an staff member.

Welcome to our "Interactive Lounge": This vibrant space serves as both a dining area for all ages and a dedicated hub for writing and activities for all ages. Whether its enjoying a meal together or diving into a creative project, everyone is welcome to gather, share ideas and explore their passions. With comfortable seating and the perfect spot for older kids to express themselves, collaborate on projects and unwind.

Welcome to our learning section: Your child will benefit from the social environment as well as physical environment. We will provide a daily routine for all our children which will help them in their future endeavors.

Welcome to the reading and playing section: Here the child can independently learn how to interact with each other and chose areas that interest them.

Welcome to the Kitchen area: This area will provide a social, relaxed, calm and positive meal times environment for all children. Each provider will be responsive to each child needs. This interaction will be warm and positive as well as open, supportive, and an engaging experience for children interactions between providers and children. Learning opportunities will always be developmentally appropriate, interactive and plentiful.

Welcome to the play area: This safe area will help the children to develop social skills, emotional development, creativity, and cognitive development while having fun together.

Welcome to the infant zone: This area will provide the infants an orderly, uncluttered and quiet area so that the babies don't become overwhelmed.

Welcome to the changing/bathroom area: This area will provide each child privacy as well as a safe and healthy environment.

The whole facility at a glance: Here a Pediatric Stars PPECC you can ensure that your child will be cared for with so much love. We will provide your child will everything he or she needs and more. You can be confident leaving your child here with us for your desired or prescribed hours.

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